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Who we are?

We are your partner for sustainable products in the sense of the circular economy. Our aim is to associate companies, which apply the principles of the circular economy into daily business and to offer their products.

We are always looking for the best way

We started in year 2017

We are the first ones, that put already since the year 2017 the circular economy into practice. Thanks to our 25 years long experience within the linear systems, where new products become after a short time waste or very difficult recyclable pieces of furniture, we help with the transition to the circular system of shop and company equipment.

Our strategic partner


The company circu.eu is your partner for implementation of sustainable products in terms of circular economy. With helpf of our comprehensive approach we can exactly implement your product idea, we help you to evaluate the environmental impact and to promote the product appropriately.

Why are we doing this?

We have a strong vision

Our vision is a world without waste, where a cooperation and conscious approach to the consumption are determining factors of economical trends.

We want to support the producers, which decide to get involved into the circular economy. By this we can help the environment we are living and working at and all this by supporting the economical and sustainable growth.

Why circular products?

A circular product does not just mean a product made of recycled materials or be repaired.

A circular product can also be a new product, where the designers thought till the end of its life cycle and have also designed an effective solution for the second life cycle by beeing redesigned or repaired.

Effective conversion or repair means that the product is easily disassembled and the manufacturer offers long-term service, spare parts and technical support for conversion or repair.

If, after the first life cycle, the product cannot be re-used by conversion or repair, then efficient recycling will be ensured thanks to the design and materials used and the material utilization system. Recycled from the product becomes a source for the production of new products.

The condition for effective product recycling is one type of material, or the materials must be easily separable from each other.

All this is done with the support of modern technologies such as the Refitin application.

In practice, this means that the company-manufacturer creates such a corporate organizational structure that can efficiently and economically take care of its own product after its first life cycle or the company-manufacturer finds partners for long-term cooperation in which the partner company takes care of used products to they became new products or at least sources for further production.

The cooperation must work on a win-win principle and must be set at the level of microeconomics, so that the partner companies know the products and technologies of the company-manufacturer perfectly. The microeconomic level of processes will ensure economic sustainability, that means that the product will not be unnecessarily expensive by complex and long chaining processes during reconstruction, repair or recycling.

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Spolupracujeme s platformou CircularDesignBlog.com. Tento informační portál dedikovaný problematice cirkulární ekonomiky je zdrojem inspirací, nápadů a příkladů fungování a zavádění nového paradigmatu do života.

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